Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Sun, Moon, Stars Mobile

Lil Bug and I are working on yellow and reading Good Night Moon (when I find the book, it's grown legs and disappeared somewhere in this house).  Today we made a sun, moon, and stars mobile.  It was quite simple and she loves it!
        You will need these two print outs (printed on card stock for best results)

Yellow construction paper or card stock cut into 2-3 inch strips
stapler and staples
string or ribbon

While I was cutting out the moon and sun, Bug colored the stars.

I added foil (bling bling) to the back of the sun, moon and stars after I cut them out.

Bug colored on the foil with yellow markers. 

I had some tiny star stickers that we added to the stars.  This helped incorporate some hand eye coordination skills!  They were so tiny!

Then we stapled the strips of paper together, end to end to form a circle.

We attached all the sun, moon, and stars to the circle with ribbon....added ribbon to hang.....

and we now have a sun, moon, and stars mobile!

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  1. Sweet idea for a craft!! Thanks so much for linking it up today and joining the play party :-)

  2. Oh this is adorable! My daughter wants a "night night" party so these printables will come in handy. thank you for sharing!


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