Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I do sew, I just practice avoidance of sewing.

Well, I guess I have an apology to make.  To everyone whom I have told "I don't sew", I am sorry.  I do.  I have although, for years, practiced a strong avoidance of the word sew and all that goes with it. 
I love fabric!  LOVE it!  I have a bin full of fabric. 
In high school home economics, I made a baby blanket.  That was all. 
Fast forward to my 20's, after child #1 was born...I was given a sewing machine by my dear grandmother, aka Nanny.  She was determined that I would learn to use it while she remained on this earth.  She showed me how to thread it, how to fill the bobbin, and how to make adjustments as needed for fabric thickness.  I made a few things here and there, hemmed some pants, fixed a hole or two.  However, I could never sew straight lines.  And I am not a measuring kind of gal (I don't measure when I cook, when I bake, when I craft...) so sewing and I don't see eye to eye on most things.  After a few projects gone wrong, I stopped sewing. 
The sewing machine Nanny gave me remained in my possession.  I couldn't dare give it up for the mere fact that one day I was gonna sew.  Recently, I have been in awe of the sewing projects I see in blog world.  All my blogging friends are sewing, why wasn't I?  Because I don't measure.  I hate measuring! (My a-ha moment) It's not the sewing...its the measuring!! 
Back to my bin of fabric....I have a bin full of fabric.  A few months ago, after seeing a link party on pillows, I got a hankering for new pillows.  I can't believe the price of pillows! My thriftiness kicked in and the crafting began.  I made new pillow covers for my existing pillows on my couch with my basic sewing skills. 
Then I moved on to curtains.  I bought the fabric after not finding what I wanted or was willing to pay for curtains in the store.  I was shopping at Old Time Pottery for curtains, and came across their fabric selection.  They had exactly what I wanted in the colors I wanted... but it meant me sewing them into curtains.  Hmmmmmm......
Isn't the fabric adorable?  Perfect for boys room!
After searching the WWW for handmade curtains and in awe of what people have done...I decided I best stick with the basics and avoid all that measuring!
I had two fabric designs.  Yards of dots and yards of stripes.  I bought both not knowing yet what I was going to do. 

The dots were just short of a full pair of panels.  I knew I was getting in deep when I decided I would have to add the striped fabric to make the dot fabric long enough.  It was quite easy, and I just matched one panel to the other to ensure they came out the same size.  The horizontal stripes made it easy to match up sizes and also sew straight lines!  I know that's what the guard lines on the machine are for ...and you are itching to tell me that I could have measured them the same size....RIGHT?  yeah yeah
I left them unhemmed until the rod was up and I could hang them.  I had to test it to decided if I wanted them to go to the floor or just the bottom of the window.  When making that decision, I also decided they needed stripes at the bottom.  OH NO!  That might be pushing the sewing skills
Well there they are, finished and hung.  I like them.  I like them alot.  And I made them with a sewing machine.  I'm on a roll now...but first I must seek a little boy out for the cleaning of his room.  Hanging the curtains was tough as I kept stepping or tripping over toys and clothes and cords and stuffed animals...oh my!

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  1. I think they look great. I made it my goal this year to learn to sew. I plan to start in May. I haven't decided if I want someone to show me or if I'll just some of the zillion video tutorials online and buy a book. Maybe some of both.

  2. My sewing machine manual was a great learning tool!

  3. Those are so cute!! I'm so glad you liked up!!

  4. I'm so proud for you Corey!! they turned out awesome. You go Girl


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