Monday, April 25, 2011

Smeeps! Using up the Easter Candy

We had a wonderful Easter and as a result have a bit of Easter treats floating around the house.  The kids and I made Peeps treat bags for the church Easter Egg Hunt.
Here are the ones we had leftover.
We printed the Peeps treats bag topper for FREE @ eighteen25

Inspired by an idea I saw here, I decided to rid ourselves  use up some of our leftover Peeps by creating S'meeps! (aka S'mores with peeps)

You will need:
Graham Crackers

We placed a square of chocolate on a graham cracker square, topped it with a peep, and turned the Toaster oven on Broil.
poor lil' Peeps!

Once the Peeps melted and began to roast (turn slightly brown) we pulled out and smashed another Graham cracker square on top. 
Pink peeps!

CAUTION!  Allow S'meeps to cool slightly before biting into the melted chocolate goo! That goo is HOT!

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