Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Spring Cleaning Day 5 - Walls, Baseboards, Doors

 It's time to wash the walls!  That's what I've been doing today...wiping down the walls and painting.  Why is it that little hands must touch every corner they turn?  I think I scrubbed more corners today than actual walls. 
Can you see that little handprint?  That would be a Bug print. 
I got out the white paint to begin some touch ups, starting with the stairs.
I mean do finger prints (that won't wipe away) get on the riser?

Since I had it out, I painted Bug's door.  It was a slavaged door that has waited a year to be painted.
It's drying now and may need another coat.
With little ones, I am always wiping down walls.  Corners are magnets for little hands.  And the wall space under the bar...constantly cleaning there!
  Since I was on a roll with the walls and baseboards, I took my cleaning wipes to the banister and each spindle got a wipe down.  Lots of Bug prints there, I could track her every move on the stairs...
Happy Cleaning!

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  1. Great job! It is funny how they always have to touch everything. :) How is it that their hands always seem dirty too?



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