Monday, April 4, 2011

DIY Tiered Jewelry Holder

Last year while planning Lil Bug's 1st birthday party, I ran into a problem with my "want" and what I could actually find in the stores at a price I was willing to pay for a party.  Those that know me, know, I love a bargain and if its not something I will use over and over and often...I refuse to pay full price.  I wanted a red tiered serving platter.  I couldn't find one.  Then I saw that you could DIY one and they were all over blog land.  It was perfect timing!  I made my own.

And then I made another....

Fast forward to present...I really needed to organize my jewelry.  I have cubby holes in my closet and one of them houses all my jewelry.  It was a mess.  I wasn't quite sure what I wanted to do until I saw a picture of a tiered jewelry holder and decided I must make one. 
Photo via Better Homes and Gardens

I collected my supplies....3 plates, 2 candlesticks, and glue. 

You will want to turn the candlestick upside down so that the top plate gets the most surface area.
I glued my candlesticks (upside down) to 2 of the plates.  See how there is more surface area on the bottom ring?  Allow to dry for a good hour or so before moving on to next step.

Glue one on top of the other and again, allow to dry for a good hour or so. 

Then glue the last plate to the top. 

I used glass glue but found that super glue (dollar store) works better...its thicker and you can get more on the tiny rim of the candlestick. 

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