Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Spring Cleaning Day 2 - Dusting


Today Anna has us dusting.  Fans...I have many.  Many fans I have need dusting.  I have dusted many fans...and thank goodness I started last week!  Little did I know this would be on the list.  Guess I should have known, but it didn't cross my mind.  So the fans in the master bedroom and bath (yes there is a fan in the bathroom!) were done last week. 

Cabinets...oh boy!  That is not a favorite of mine.  I used a mixture of equal parts water,  vinegar, and Murphys Oil Soap on my floors and cabinets. (Mix directly in spray bottle and keep on hand)  It does a great job at breaking up the grime and the Murphy's leaves a nice shine. 

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I didn't realize how bad my cabinets were.  Its amazing how dirty they get around the handle.  My vinegar mix got it right off!  They shine now!
Picture taken with IPhone

Now...back to the fans.  I did not get to the fan in Bug's room as she was napping when I was attacking the fans.  I began a good work on this one, in the kitchen (yes, there is a fan in the kitchen too!).

Picture taken with IPhone

This is one mean fan to clean.  It looks nice and clean from this angle.  The top of the blades are a different story.  The top of the blades are sticky.  I am not sure why, maybe being in the kitchen?  Maybe the people before us failed to tell us about the slime wars that took place here.  I am not real sure of the why, but I know its sticky...and the dust is stuck to the sticky.  My magic vinegar mix was not magic enough.  Hubby is going to take down the blades so I can take them outside and scrub them.  The swinging action that started while I was attempting to scrub the top was quite scary.  Best take down the blades from the swinging fan huh?  Saving for the weekend....

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  1. Great job Corey! I haven't done my daughter's fan either because every time I'm cleaning she's sleeping and then I always forget when she's up! Eventually I'm sure I'll remember to add it to my "to do" list. :)



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