Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Handy Dandy Cook's Helper

These are great to have on hand...mine is stuck to the inside of my spice cabinet!  All it requires is your printing paper of choice and a printer!
Print out on sticker paper like I did, and stick to the inside of a cabinet near your main cooking area.  Stick to a magnet for easy access right on your fridge.  You can laminate these to make them even more durable.  I'm also thinking
MOTHER'S DAY gifts! 

They'd make the perfect companion to bakeware gifts. 
~Laminate and punch a hole in top so you can attach to a ring of teaspoons!
~Make a magnet and add it to a gift basket. 
So many possibilities!

Check out the links below to LollyChops and Martha Stewart...from there you can print out your chart.
LollyChops has 3 adorable ones for you to pick from.  I chose this cute owl!
Cooks' Helpers
Photo via: Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart also has some free charts available as well as a little bit of further instructions.

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