Thursday, July 21, 2011

Play With Your Food!

It's been a fun food kinda month!  First I decided I had to do something with a GIANT watermelon sitting on my counter.  After much searching, I decided on this:
I call it Shark!  Sorry about the low quality pictures.  My Camera battery was dead and I only got pictures with my phone.  I really didn't know that this guy would turn out as well as he did, and it was after I filled him with fruit and took him to Ladies Night at church that I thought I would blog him. 
Filled with fruit for a fun twist on fruit salad!
There are so many images online for Watermelon Shark, that I just copied what they had done.  There was no real tutorial to follow.  Maybe, I can do it again and make up a tutorial for you....maybe.

Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich on bagel rounds + marshmallow and craisin eyes + strawberry nose and hair + orange mouth with fruit strip lips = Sandwich Clown

ahhhhh....impressing my kids with simple food fun!  J thinks my creations are sooo awesome!  I might be a cool mom one day :)

My Fun Food inpiration?
Kitchen Fun with My 3 Sons 
My clowns don't even come close to comparing with hers!  She does beautiful food and all for fun!

Fast forward a few days, and we made these guys for lunch!

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