Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I am finally the author of my very own blog.  I spent so much time stuck on a name for my very own blog, that I never once thought about what I would write once I got here!  So, here I am ready to take this journey somehwere...faith, crafts, things I love, family, home-making, being thrifty, and a little bit of everything else.   

I love crafts.  I love paper. I love photography.  I don't scrapbook.  I should, and you will tell me I should...I know, I can hear it now.  Or maybe I just hear the others who have already told me I should scrap.  Even my husband has encouraged me to scrapbook.  I just don't do it.  I think its all the organizing and filing of photos that discourages me.  Not to mention, 95.5% of my photos are digital. 

♪♫ Living in a digital world.
     And I'm a digital girl.
     You know that we are living in a digital world.
     And I'm a digital girl.  ♪♫
If Madonna had only known.... And yes, you will have that song stuck in your head the rest of they day.  Try singing Barney or Elmo songs...that might help. 

As I was singing my material Digital Girl song, you were trying to tell me to digital scrapbook weren't you?  Well...that's on my craft bucket list.  I've done some reading, and I have Photoshop.  That's about as far as I have gotten with that.  If you stay long enough, maybe you will see me mark digital scrapbooking off my list. 

So, join me on a little adventure as we explore to the end and back of the WWW (world wide web) aka Internet via Google. 

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