Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Flash Sales

The latest Internet shopping craze is Flash Sales.  What is a Flash Sale?  To put it simply, sales in a flash.  Need a little more definition? It's highly discounted items offered at the discount price by an e-tailer website for a very limited time.  Its a way for retailers to build brand name and sell off their extra stock.  Its fantastic for consumers, if you have the patience.  If you are a Veruca, I want it now (Willy Wonka ref.) type person, you may find flash sales appalling.  However, those of us who can wait it out for the best deal possible, will find the latest craze an exciting, adrenaline pumping, new way to shop online!

When I say limited time, I mean don't blink! If  you do, the item you laid your eyes & pointer on may be gone.  Sites offering items as flash sales, have a set quantity of each item at the discounted price.

Flash Sale sites are typically member only sites.  Many offer an account credit just for signing up, and most offer credits for bringing on other shoppers.  Flash sales can range from 40% to 80% off retail prices. Each site offers new sales each day, so remembering to check your favorite sites could be a challenge.  But if you are afraid you may miss that one unbelievable deal...sign up for the site's emails.  They will send you an email containing info on Today's sales and possibly Upcoming.

That being said, Flash Sales could be harmful to your budget if not handled properly.  The retailers are hoping to grab you on an impulse, tempt you with limited quantities and limited time.  You must be sure the item you are about to purchase really is a great deal (shipping included) and you really must have need the item.

Here are a few tips:

            ~ put the item in your cart and keep browsing the site
            ~ return to your cart once you are ready to purchase
            ~ take 2 deep breaths
Analyze each item in your cart individually: 

  ~ ask yourself if you can USE this item, if not, its not a great deal

    ~ ask yourself, how many like items do you already have and are you                in need of replacing these like items
    ~ will you possibly want to return this item? Most flash sales sites have a

         strict return policy, if they even allow returns (outside of damaged
           items) Read up on the site's policy
     ~ is this item still a great deal after you factor in shipping costs?
     ~ do a quick price comparison...google the item and see what it sells for

      ~ Be sure of the shipping timeline.  Some sites and/or specific items will
          have a longer shipping time. 

Most of my favorite Flash Sale sites allow you to preview upcoming sales.  If you are in the market for something, say a rug, you can keep an eye on their upcoming sales.  When a rug designer offers the site their rugs for a flash sale, google that designer.  Browse the rugs they offer and the prices of those rugs around the net.  When the Flash Sale site begins the rug sale, you will already know if they are offering a good price. You may be surprised to find the rug you had your eye on at a great sale!

Now that I have given you this info I ask one small favor in return.  Use my links below to sign up for memberships at these Flash Sales sites.

Corey's Favorites: 
      ** sites I have purchased from
  The Foundary - Home Decor, Baby Items, Gifts

     Gilt.com -huge fashion designers, Home Decor, Baby Items, Gifts

Lil Luxe - Premium Baby and Children's Brands

**Totsy -Items for mom, babies, kids

**Zulily - Items for mom, babies, kids

**One Kings Lane- Home Decor
**The Mini Social- Kids and Baby Items-

               HauteLook- top fashion, accessories, beauty, kids and home
                                      brands, and getaways

Rue La La - everything for a life of style - at private sale prices

Next Time:  One-A-Day sale sites....

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