Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentine Roundup - Simple and Quick!

As Valentine approaches, I find myself asking what happened to all those grand ideas I had to make this or that.  Time flies doesn't it?  Since its the weekend, I thought I would roundup a few of my favorite Simple and Quick ideas that I will be pulling together for my loves. 

IPhone Valentine.... download and print here.  Cut out and glue to box of Candy Hearts.  Done.  I did say Quick!   Living Locurto always has the perfect thing!

I love how easy these cute Heartbreaker Valentines are.  You will too once you check out the tutorial here...if you can print, cut, and staple, you can do these!  I like simple...I LOVE quick!

Don't let the picture scare you!  Remember, I said I like simple (aka easy) and quick. With a a little ribbon, gumballs, and a needle, you can make this darling necklace!  One Charming Party shows you how here.

Perfect Pair?  Quick! Easy!  Cheap!  I'm in heaven!  Target Dollar Bins have valentine socks right now in my area.   I plan to pick up a pair or two and attach "We Make the Perfect Pair" tags that I printed from C.R.A.F.T  here.  For the hubby, I will pick up some nicer manly socks, you know plain white.

What Simple and Quick Idea will you whip up this weekend?

1 comment:

  1. I love the Target dollar bin and I totally bought the socks on the right and then forgot to even wear them for V Day. I was really sad. I like wearing ridiculous socks on their corresponding holidays.


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