Friday, December 30, 2011

2012 - Life Management in a binder

One of my goals for 2012 is to get all my to do's, schedules, cleaning, cooking, planning, commitments, etc gathered together in a neat little package so I can, from day to day, know whether I am coming or going.  I used to be completely organized, minute by minute in a nifty lil planner I carried around.  Then the world of smart phones and babies happened.  This past year was a whirlwind and flew by way too fast.  I don't want that kind of year again.  In steps the home management binder.  I have too many menus, calendars, check lists, and post it notes spread from here to there that I need to organize into one cutesy binder. 

You can find tons of information on building your home's binder online.  Just google Home Management Binder.  It really is a person by person thing, and needs to be coordinated to your lifestyle. 

Since I am on a quest to find my favorite printables for my binder, I thought I would share. Maybe its time for you to challenge yourself to creating some sort of binder too?

The Tool Box on Mommy Tracked has a large selection of printables:
            Week at a Glance Calendar    Eat Sheet Menu Planner   Weekly Family Calendar
Get Buttoned Up has a large list of forms your can print, including lunch box notes and more!

        goallist_large     dailyscheduleform   

    Printable pages for your Household Notebook available for free at Organized Home as well as more forms available from Organized home here.

Tons of printable spreadsheets for everything in life at Donna Young.  Great Homeschool forms as well!

You can also find plenty of printable bundles for a small cost.  I am debating on going this route.  I really desire a weekly planner with chores to tackle listed.  Of course I could fill in 52 weeks worth of chores on my own, but I did find this one already filled in. 
     The Project Girl 2012 Weekly Calendar with chores  ---  this site has an annual sale in Jan. so I am waiting to see if I can get a deal on the 1st.  It's only 12.99 now and would save me hours of creating my own documents...however, my "never pay retail" side is kicking in.

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