Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Tree Cupcakes

Baking, Baking, Baking...just keep Baking. Or is it swimming? I think Dory (Finding Nemo) sang it as swimming swimming swimming...but its baking baking baking in my head. May have something to do with all the baking going on around here. Something about the holidays brings out my inner baker. I've always been a cook and not a baker. 2011 brought me into my baking side of life. I mastered the cupcake, and making oat flour cookies this year...and I'm excited to see what new talents I discover in 2012!
I happened upon this post from Bakerella featuring their oh so beautiful cupcakes. 
Candy Cane Christmas Trees

So when it came time to make treats for children's church...I went this route. Only, I had helping hands a.k.a. kids...

I used Wilton's melting chips in green and painted the melted candy onto each tree with a basting brush.  Then I let the kids add M&Ms and a gumdrop top while I got busy on the cupcakes.  Each tree was centered on the cupcake and then I piped icing around the base.  Add red sprinkles ... Done!  It was a fun, quick project we all enjoyed! 

 And I am pretty sure the kids at church will enjoy eating just as much as we enjoyed making them!

Happy Holiday Baking!

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